17 jul – 23 jul

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With a 15minute running
clock work up to a 3 rep
max for the day Thruster
from the floor
6X3 Hang Power Snatch@75/80% of Power Snatch from the floor
(Rest 2minutes between sets)

Back Squat 4X3@80/85%
(Rest 3minutes between sets)

Bench Press 5X5@80%
(Rest 3minutes between sets)

Skill: shoulder to overhead

3 Cleans@75/80% of Clean

Clean Grip Deadlift 5X5@75/80%
(Rest 3minutes between sets)

Skill:  T2b 5 RNFT
10 pistol (5/5)
1 RC
Tempo o[ pistol 3 sec naar beneden.

10 box pistol/step up
3x scaled versie RC

In Pairs
100 Thrusters@50/35kg
(Rest 2minutes)
50 Synchronised Burpees
(Rest 2minutes)
100 Thrusters@50/35kg
(Rest 2minutes)
50 Synchronised Burpees

Both choose a weight that you can
fluently move 10 unbroken reps.
Try to set a pace on the
down ups so that you can
keep moving!

50 OH Step Out Lunges for
time 42.5/30kg
1 – 20/15 Calorie Assault Bike or Row
2 – 40 DUs + 10 burpees
3 – Rest

The same as when you would scale a weight on a workout scale the calories and reps if needed!

Keep a solid hollow body position on the rig, active shoulders and no kicking of the legs or arching of the neck to get the chin over the bar.

For quality not speed!
Strict Pull-Ups

Pick a weight that you can go unbroken on the STOH but if you misjudge this break you reps before your technique! Keep the pull-ups slow and controlled breaking when needed.

3 Rounds
12 V-Ups
30 Sit-Ups

After Class Extra:
Front Squat 5X5@75%
(Rest 3minutes between sets)
Hang Clean@60/40kg
(Run 200m after each set of T2B)

L3: T2R
L2: K2C
L1: admat sit up (voeten vast)

5 Rounds
30second Hollow Hold
30second Superman Hold

In Pairs Complete:
250 Double Unders
50 Cal Row
200 Double Unders
40 Cal Row
150 Double Unders
30 Cal Row
100 Double Unders
20 Cal Row
50 Double Unders
10 Cal Row
Empty bar thruster warm up
3 Rounds
5 Power Cleans
5 Front Squats
5 Push Press
5 Thrusters

Movement Focus:
Work on creating a solid rack position, keeping elbows high and the bar on the shoulders in the squat phase of the movement. Once we have grasped the above, begin to focus on driving up through the heels from the squat, pushing the bar overhead and then, bringing the bar down with the intention of the elbows returning to the front rack position, bar sitting on the shoulders. In A.2 with such high reps, the workout needs to ensure safe and effective movement.

Movement Focus:
Hang Power Snatch
Concentrate on the shoulders being over the toes in the Hang position, squeezing your shoulders back and the chest up. This will provide you with a good start position for a powerful pull.
In your catch position, focus on landing firmly underneath bar in a partial squat, rather than dipping underneath the bar. This will help you create a solid catch.

Empty bar snatch warm up
3 Rounds- All from hang
5 Snatch high pulls (keep elbows high, don’t lean back)
5 Muscle Snatch (keeping the bar close, high elbows)
5 Power Snatch
5 Deep Power Snatch

Rowing 7’s Defranco shoulder routine Empty bar squat warm up
3 Rounds
5 Front Squats, slow down, fast up
5 Front Squat slow down, 2second pause at the bottom, fast up, 2 second pause at the top
5 Front Squats, 2second pause at the bottom, half way up, back down to the bottom position and all the way back up

Empty bar clean warm up
2 Rounds
5 Clean Deadlift
5 Clean Pull (keep your arm straight with a shrug)
5 Muscle Clean (keeping the bar close)
5 Power Clean
5 Deep Power Clean
5 Clean

Monkey walk 10 m
Crab walk 10 m

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