12 jun – 15 jun

12-jun 13-jun 14-jun 15-jun
Maandag Dinsdag Woensdag Donderdag
skill: Assault bike
set up & sprint

1 attempt:
1:00 max cal assault bike

skill: Clean & jerk
By the numbers

By the numbers

find a heavy 4 rep front squat then
do 4 more sets of 4 reps with the same weight


skill: power snatch
By the numbers

find a heavy 5 reps hang power snatch

cooldown: 400m frontrack slamball walk

amrap 21
team workout
you go, I go
200m run
12/9cal assault bike

scaling opties
200m run
250m row

CrossFit games open 13.4
amrap 7
3 power clean & jerk RX 60/40
3 t2b

scaling opties

for time
50 cal row
50 thrusters RX 20/20

every min start with 5 burpees
tc:15 min

scaling opties
5 burpees, 4, 3

e.m.o.m Randy
(75 reps totall)

every 0:30 sec
5 power snatch RX 35/25
tc: 7:30min

scaling opties
gebruik een gewicht dat je de 5 reps per 0:30 sec haalt (niet meer dan 50% of 5 reps max)

kan de bar niet lichter (7,5kg)
ga dan naar 4 reps per 0:30 sec
(50 reps totall)

score e.m.o.m:
gewicht + behaalde reps

400m jog
Matt chan warming up
overhead stretch
shoulder stretch

3 rounds of
5 jefferson curls
10 hanging shoulder shrugs

fish game
27 squat warming up
theraband warming up

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