26 mei – 30 mei

26-mei 27-mei 28-mei 29-mei
Vrijdag Zaterdag Zondag Maandag Dinsdag
Skill:  power clean 20 m max weigth yoke
carry goal 150% back squat
Skill: Ring muscle ups – 10 min
(vereiste 10 strikte ring dips en 10 strikte pull ups)
AMRAP 10, for quality:
5 strikte (c2b) pull ups/PT pul ups
5 strikte ring dips/bar dips/II dips
15/12 cal row
6 DB snatches RX 30/22,5
3 box jumps RX 30/24

BB bent over row 5×10
Push ups met gewicht op rug 5×5

Voor tijd:
Power clean RX 85/52,5
Walballs RX 9/6 (x2)

TC 21:00

Amrap 20
5 strict pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squat
Elke 4 min ren 400 m, begin met rennen.
5×2:00 on/2:00 off
Buy in: 50 du’s
10 burpees
15 KB deadlifts RX 32/24
10 rft
5 muscle ups*
10 pistols squats

RX+: bar muscle up
RX: ring muscle up
L4: 3 ring muscle ups
L3: 10 C2B
L2: 10 pull ups
L1: 10 ring rows

Rowing 7’s warm up
Build up DB snatches & box jumps
5 min BB warm up
2.0 squat routine
Running warm up with coach Max 27 goodmorning warm up Theraband warm up

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