3-5 april

3-apr 4-apr 5-apr
Maandag Dinsdag Woensdag
Skill: split jerk (BTN)

5-5-5 strikt press
3-3-3 push press
1-1-1 jerk (spilt/push)

10 ring push ups
10 ring rows
10 pistols in to single leg DL
10 L-sit knee extensions
Cool down: 2×30 meter bear
crawl sprint RX slee +100/65
(2e set zwaarder of lichter)
2 rounds for time:
500 m row
40 push ups
500 m row
40 T2B
400 m run
21 KBS RX 24/16
12 pull ups

Land mine row 3×12-15
Cossack squat 3×10 (KB voor)

5 min in BB wam up
T spine mob
Klokov front rack
Snatch game
Thera band warm up
400 m run
EMOM 10:
A: 2 wall walks
B: 3 strikte pull ups (of c2b)

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